LPA3399Pro visual host is a portable computing host based on The RK3399Pro platform of Ruixin Micro, which needs a large number of visual computing scenes. Built-in NPU computing unit, with 3.0TOPS computing power, supports a variety of algorithm models. This product is a basic device in THE AI scenario, with rich hardware interface. Users only need to transplant the algorithm to this platform to land the product quickly.






RK3399Pro, 28 nm HKMG manufacturing process, size core architecture of dual-core Cortex-A72+ quad-core Cortex-A53.


Quad-core Mali-T864, support OpenGL ES1.1/2.0/3.0, OpenCL1.2, DirectX11.1.


1920 Int8 MAC operations per cycle; 64 FP16 MAC operations per cycle; 192 Int16 MAC operations per cycle


LPDDR3, 3GB/6GB optional.


High-speed eMMC 5.1/8 gb / 16 gb / 32 gb / 64 gb / 128 gb is optional.


RK809, can be configured with a variety of power supply.

Camera Interface

5 channel HD analog camera input

Industrial grade 4-core aviation socket, compatible with the industry common AHD camera

Support full format AHD standard and NTSC/PAL standard

AHD supports all resolution and can automatically detect: 1080p25/30, 720p25/30/50/60, 960p25/30/50/60 and 480I60, 576I50

Display Interface

HDMI2.0 Type-a interface output

USB Interface

USB2.0 host type-A *2

USB3.0 host type-A *2


10/100/1000 m Ethernet

802.11A/B/G/N/AC 2.4ghz / 5.8ghz dual-band WIFI

BT5.0 latest protocol Bluetooth

GPS/BD dual mode positioning navigation

2 channel RS232 interface

1 channel RS485 interface

1 channel CAN interface

Audio Interface

3.5mm headphone jack, supporting left and right double channel output and MIC input

One-line differential MIC input can be built in

Can be an external double track 10 w / 8 Ω high-power speaker


Micro SD card with SDIO 3.0 protocol


Nine-axis sensors, 3-Axis Scope +3-axis Accelerometer + 3-Axis Compass

4 channels voltage output, each channel 12V/500mA, software controllable

7 Channel wide voltage input test, 3.75kV optocoupler isolation

1 power status indicator, 1 4G status indicator and 2 custom indicators;

Support infrared remote control

Power input

Working voltage: 9V~36V

Protection voltage: -40V~60V

Overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, overcurrent protection, anti-backconnection protection, anti-surge protection

Meet ISO7637.2 standards and pass pulse 5A and 5B throw load tests for 12V/24V systems

Operating temperature



Android / Ubuntu / Buildroot

BOX size


Technology Samples
  • Intelligent security


  • Machine vision

  • Industrial control

  • Show the retail dealer

  • The vehicle

  • Holographic display

  • AI intelligent robot

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