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Our Advantages

Profound Technology Accumulation with Rich Practical Experience

  • 100+
    Success stories

    We have designed many projects, rich product forms, and more than 100 successful cases. Industrial control, vehicle, artificial intelligence, smart home and wearable medicine are all involved, and each field has benchmark projects for reference, providing a strong basis for customers to choose.

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    R & D strength

    The core team is composed of a group of technical backbones with senior industry experience, with an average industry experience of more than 10 years. They have practical project experience in different product forms, chip platforms and operating systems, and are good at customized development of difficult projects.

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    Chip platform

    Multiple chip platforms for selection, according to different product needs, recommend the best chip scheme for customers, and develop excellent products. Chip is the cornerstone of the product, each chip has its own characteristics, only by understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the chip, can we make a perfect chip evaluation.

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    Manufacturer cooperation

    We have established good partnership with many chip manufacturers and are the official partner of rockchip. In addition to the technical strength of our team and the full support behind the original chip factory, we can successfully complete all kinds of challenging new projects.


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