LCB3399Pro is a fully functional core module with a size of only 75mm*55mm based on Ruixin RK3399Pro chip platform. The core module is connected to the bottom plate with two Tyco /AMP 0.8mm pitch double row 140Pin plate-to-board connectors, fixed by 4 M3 screws, which are stable, reliable, easy to install and maintain.





RK3399Pro, Big.Little architecture: Dual Cortex-A72 + Quad Cortex-A53, 64-bit CPU,Frequency is up to 1.8GHz


Mali-T860MP4 GPU, OpenGL ES1.1/2.0/3.0/3.1, OpenVG1.1, OpenCL, DX11


NPU up to 3.0TOPSSupport 8-bit/16-bit InferenceSupport TensorFlow/Caffe Model


LPDDR3, 3GB/6GB (Optional)


eMMC 5.1, 8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB(Optional)


RK809,Support a variety of power supply

Camera Interface

Two ISP built-in

Dual MIPI-CSI 4 Lane of 1.5 Gbps/Lane

ITU-R BT 601/656 compliant

Maximum input resolution of one ISP is 14M pixels

Display Interface

Two VOP embedded

Dual MIPI-DSI 4 Lane of 1.5 Gbps/Lane up to 2560x1600@60fps

eDP1.3 4 Lane of 2.7/1.62 Gbps/lane

DP1.2 4 Lane with HDCP2.2 up to 4kx2k at 60Hz resolution

HDMI2.0 3 Lane with HDCP2.2

USB Interface


TYPE-C Interface

Dual Type-C PHY with Type-C V1.1 and USB PD2.0

Attach/detach detection and signaling as DFP, UFP and DRP

Support USB3.0 Type-C and DisplayPort 1.2 Alt Mode

Up to 5Gbps data rate for USB3.0

Up to 5.4Gbps (HBR2) data rate for DP1.2

Audio Interface

Three I2S/PCM built-in

SPDIF supported

Audio resolution from 16bits to 32bits

Sample rate up to 192KHz

Provides master and slave work mode, software configurable

Support 3 I2S formats (normal, left-justified, right-justified)

Support 4 PCM formats (early, late1, late2, late3)

Support two 16-bit audio data store together in one 32-bit wide location

Support 16, 20, 24 bits audio data transfer in linear PCM mode


Compatible with SDIO 3.0 protocol

GMAC 10/100/1000M Ethernet Controller

Six on-chip SPI controllers

Five on-chip UART controllers inside

Nine on-chip I2C controllers

Five groups of GPIO (GPIO0~GPIO4), totally have 122 GPIOs

One PCIe port compatible with PCI Express V2.1 and dual operation mode RC and EP

Six-channel single-ended 10-bit SAR-ADC up to 1MS/s sampling rate


Android / ubuntu / Buildroot

PCB interface

B2B280 Pin

PCB size

L* W* H(mm) : 75 * 55 *7.8PCB 1.2mm

Technology Samples
  • Robot

  • Smart retail

  • Machine vision

  • Intelligent security


  • AI intelligent robot

  • Site monitoring

  • Edge computing terminal

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