New Retail

Relying on the Internet and using advanced technology such as big data and artificial intelligence, the company will upgrade and transform the production, circulation and sales process of goods, improve customers' consumption experience, and promote customers to continue to create lifelong value in stores. In new retail scenarios, we offer a range of business display, smart checkout, security monitoring, edge computing and industrial control solutions.

Technical Features
  • Stimulate demand for shopping
    Stimulate demand for shopping

    Through mobile APP and crowd analysis, real-time analysis reports are formed on the cloud platform, and different advertising contents are pushed on various digital screens in combination with users' shopping habits

  • Store digital management
    Store digital management

    Traditional store management does not have data collection and channels, let alone accurate analysis of operation. Smart stores collect user information through various digital terminals to form a consumer shopping network, which provides analysis basis for management

  • Create the best experience
    Create the best experience

    Through face payment, large interactive screen, window advertisement, entertainment push and mobile APP, it gives users a brand new shopping experience, big data collection and analysis, and brings accurate content push

  • Improve operational efficiency
    Improve operational efficiency

    Stores deploy payment terminals, camera monitoring and other devices, conduct management and data analysis on the cloud platform, generate data reports, customer group analysis and other data, and support accurate information push

Product Service
  • Wisdom cashier
    Wisdom cashier

    Support unionpay, WeChat, alipay and other online payment functions, with powerful data statistics and analysis function, can be based on customers or members of the consumption habits of statistical analysis, targeted recommendation of goods, improve marketing efficiency

  • Window media
    Window media

    Using high-performance chip, Android system, has a strong video processing capacity, compatible with most of the video format and decoding ability. R45/WIFI/BT integrated into one, can adapt to a variety of network environment, support timing switch function

  • Empty container
    Empty container

    Unmanned container can be used according to different application scenarios. UA's new retail solution can meet the personalized needs of different enterprise users from hardware adaptation, software function development to SAAS level software integration technology

  • Domestic advertising
    Domestic advertising

    With high brightness, high contrast, high pixel and other characteristics. Its calorific value is very small, the system can be stable and uninterrupted operation, support timing switch machine setting

Application Scenarios
  • The store

    The store

  • The mall

    The mall

  • Office Building

    Office Building

  • Square


  • Convenience Store

    Convenience Store

  • Supermarket


  • Grocery store

    Grocery store

  • Bookstore


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