Industrial Control

Intelligent manufacturing has entered the era of Industry 4.0. Industrial control technology keeps innovating, and the traditional control field is experiencing an unprecedented change and starts to develop towards the network direction. Industrial control related products or components are developing towards intelligent and networked direction. We provide customers with standardized hardware platforms and system software, as well as in-depth customization.

Technical Features
  • Rich interfaces
    Rich interfaces

    Support USB, VGA, RS-232/422/485 serial port, LAN, SATA2.0, RJ45 and other common interfaces

  • Dual system support
    Dual system support

    It can support Android and Linux dual systems, and customers can choose flexibly according to different application requirements

  • Wide temperature
    Wide temperature

    Can be in the limit environment, uninterrupted stable operation, not affected by high and low temperature environment

Product Service
  • Embedded industrial computer
    Embedded industrial computer

    The embedded INDUSTRIAL PC has reliable performance, fanless structure, small volume, and can provide complete control and communication functions. It is very suitable for embedded industries such as automobile electronics, digital electronics/billboards (DSA), medical care computers, game machines, etc.

  • Industrial control main board
    Industrial control main board

    Industrial control motherboard interface is rich, including: RS-232/RS485 multi-channel serial port, gigabit network port, multi-channel USB, multi-channel audio and video input and output, multi-channel switch control and input signal detection, support WIFI, Bluetooth, 4G and other data transmission, support user customized development.

  • Industrial tablet
    Industrial tablet

    Industrial tablet PC adopts the structure of all-in-one machine, host computer, LIQUID crystal display, touch screen as a whole, good stability. Industrial tablets are small and easy to install and maintain. It is used in telecommunications, electric power, multimedia, national defense, automation equipment, manufacturing and other fields.

  • Industrial display
    Industrial display

    Industrial display is a liquid crystal display used in industry, with a variety of display sizes, installation methods, etc., which can adapt to extreme environments, stable operation, long service life.

Application Scenarios
  • Measuring instrument

    Measuring instrument

  • Factory automation

    Factory automation

  • Medical industry

    Medical industry

  • Intelligent Transportation

    Intelligent Transportation

  • Self-service equipment

    Self-service equipment

  • Display panel

    Display panel

  • Energy exploitation

    Energy exploitation

  • Remote monitoring

    Remote monitoring

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