Face Recognition

In the age of intelligence, the application scene of face recognition can be seen everywhere, which brings convenience to our life. The scheme is mainly composed of hardware platform and face recognition algorithm. We provide multiple hardware platforms for customers to choose from, which are suitable for the mainstream face recognition algorithms in the market. The customer designs the product application based on the hardware platform, can realize the face solution product landing quickly.

Technical Features
  • High precision
    High precision

    Face recognition algorithm in each scene through continuous big data collection, training, greatly improve the accuracy of face recognition

  • Fast speed
    Fast speed

    With excellent deep learning algorithm and training model theory, it constantly challenges the results to make face recognition reach the processing speed of millisecond

  • Used widely
    Used widely

    Face recognition algorithm has been widely used in face payment, access control box, witness identification comparison, virtual beauty and other scene applications

Product Service
  • Face comparison
    Face comparison

    Through artificial intelligence technology, face features in pictures or videos are extracted, and the similarity of two face features is compared, so as to determine whether the same person is present, and the similarity value is given. It can be used for real identity authentication, community access control system, box smart authentication, financial industry authentication, APP face login, enterprise face checking and other scenes

  • Image video audit
    Image video audit

    Based on the intelligent content audit scheme of in-depth learning, it can accurately identify and locate the yellow, explosion, terrorism, political sensitivity, wechat advertising, nausea and other contents in the video, and can also screen the image from the beautiful and clear dimensions, quickly and accurately, freeing the audit manpower

  • Face attribute analysis
    Face attribute analysis

    Locate and mark the position of the face in the picture, locate the ear, mouth, nose, eye, eyebrow and other feature points in the face, and recognize a variety of face attributes, such as age, gender, expression, etc

  • Face search video comparison
    Face search video comparison

    Search the given pictures from the video accurately, which can be widely used in the security control scenes of public security, factories and communities, and quickly locate suspects or specific groups of people from the massive video

  • Live face detection
    Live face detection

    By blinking, opening mouth, shaking head, nodding and other combined actions, we can identify whether the recognition object is a real person, effectively resist cheating means such as pictures, videos and face models, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the face recognition system

  • General object recognition
    General object recognition

    Through in-depth learning and model training, the recognition effect of specified objects is continuously optimized, which can be used in various industries and multiple scenes, such as trains, motor vehicles, fabrics, semiconductor chips, factory products, etc

Application Scenarios
  • Checking Attendance

    Checking Attendance

  • Face Scan Gate

    Face Scan Gate

  • Authentication


  • Live testing

    Live testing

  • Paying with Your Face

    Paying with Your Face

  • Interactive entertainment

    Interactive entertainment

  • Intelligent monitoring

    Intelligent monitoring

  • Face Compare

    Face Compare

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