Security Monitoring

With the rapid development of high technology and the improvement of big data, face recognition and hardware performance, intelligent management has entered people's social life. In the information age, people have higher requirements for security and management. We provide a high-performance hardware platform that can simultaneously access multiple cameras and perform algorithm analysis to upload data to the cloud platform in real time, providing a basis for big data analysis.

Technical Features
  • communication interface
    communication interface

    Ethernet communication, RS485 communication, RS232 communication, WIFI+BT, 4G network

  • HD LCD Screen
    HD LCD Screen

    Support 5 inch, 7 inch and other different resolutions of display output

  • Attendance identification
    Attendance identification

    Face detection, NFC card recognition, TWO-DIMENSIONAL code recognition

Product Service
  • Face recognition machine
    Face recognition machine

    Provide a complete set of face attendance access control solutions, motherboard dual camera input, support in vivo detection, RFID identity identification, Weigen control, RS232 and RS485 communication

  • Entrance guard gate
    Entrance guard gate

    The gate is one of the channel management equipment, which is mainly used for pedestrian channel management. It has features of fast opening, safety and convenience, and can be accessed to face recognition function

  • Passenger flow statistics
    Passenger flow statistics

    Through monitoring camera, passenger flow statistics instrument, face recognition camera, combined with big data analysis, the digital operation of stores is realized

  • Safety monitoring
    Safety monitoring

    Through real-time monitoring of staff dress code, operation code, production machinery operation, instrument indicators, etc., through the camera, timely warning of irregularities, danger and other abnormal conditions, improve the efficiency of production safety management

Application Scenarios
  • Member system

    Member system

  • Face verification

    Face verification

  • Intelligence front desk

    Intelligence front desk

  • Entrance guard

    Entrance guard

  • Sign in

    Sign in

  • security management

    security management

  • Checking-in


  • User analysis

    User analysis

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