AI Machine Vision

In the age of intelligence, the application scene of face recognition can be seen everywhere, which brings convenience to our life. The scheme is mainly composed of hardware platform and face recognition algorithm. We provide multiple hardware platforms for customers to choose from, which are suitable for the mainstream face recognition algorithms in the market. The customer designs the product application based on the hardware platform, can realize the face solution product landing quickly.

Technical Features
  • Fast Speed
    Fast Speed

    Through the deep learning algorithm and the powerful computing power of intelligent hardware platform NPU, the image processing speed is maximized

  • information

    At the same time, hundreds of millions of metadata processing can be accepted to provide analysis and processing basis for intelligent hardware platform and algorithm

  • High precision
    High precision

    After deep learning and constant optimization of the model, the analysis accuracy will be improved continuously, which is much better than the traditional manual judgment

  • Uninterrupted work
    Uninterrupted work

    The biggest advantage of replacing human labor with machines is that machines can work 24 hours a day and improve efficiency

Product Service
  • Service robot
    Service robot

    Service robot is a kind of semi-autonomous or fully autonomous robot, which can complete the service work beneficial to human health, but does not include the equipment engaged in production

  • ADAS

    Deep learning computer vision algorithm is adopted to detect and recognize all angles and attitudes of road targets such as motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles, special vehicles, pedestrians, lane lines, traffic signs and traffic lights

  • DMS

    In extreme environments, driver status monitoring and identification can still maintain the robustness and high precision of detection, such as facial shielding, reflective glasses, excessive head deflection, dark side light backlight, etc

  • Defect detection
    Defect detection

    Defect detection usually refers to the detection of surface defects of articles. Surface defect detection adopts advanced machine vision detection technology to detect the defects such as spots, pits, scratches, color difference and defects on the surface of the workpiece

Application Scenarios
  • Car


  • Medical


  • Chip


  • Lens


  • Military


  • Battery


  • Steel


  • Leather


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